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About Us...


  The story is kind of a long one, but to condense it a great deal, loses much of the faith that put us here today.

  Our story began with the building of a home in the country, outside of Buffalo Gap, TX, in 2000. Melanie was to help with the completion (painting, etc.), but she got quite ill before the summer completion.  A diagnosis of Whooping Cough put her to bed for many weeks, Melanie read books on soap making to occupy her time.

As she became better, she started making soap, and Gary sold them to anyone he could hold still long enough to tell how amazing the soaps were. 

  The business outgrew our home, where it all started, and in 2010, we bought a 12'X20' building, with a restroom, for expansion. That only lasted a couple of years, as there were often THREE women working in that tiny space and the kitchen & breakfast room of our home.

  On April 1, 2014, Serenity Soapworks moved from our Tuscola (Buffalo Gap area) home to the town of Buffalo Gap, population 463, just10 miles from our home, and into a beautiful, 2,300 sq.ft. facility.

  With the exception of some specialty soaps like the gun soaps and seasonal special shapes, all soaps are traditional, cold-process, lye soaps.  Some lye soaps have goats milk in the recipe, while others do not. We use fragrance oils and essential oils in our soaps.

  The Mosaic Soapworks line, which debuts this year, will be an ALL Essential Oil soap line, based on the Biblical "Fruits of the Spirit". This line will allow Melanie to use a portion of the profits for philanthropic purposes, giving to three charities of her choice.

Gary began throwing pottery again, along with continuing his beautiful photography and artwork creations.


CHAPTER 2- "New Beginnings"

A HUGE wholesale account (over 18,500 products) in 2017 rearranged our production schedule, along with the illness & death of a parent in late 2017. Then a decision to move our home and business to Oklahoma, because of worsening allergies in the midst of our mountain cedar-prone home site, slowed down our soapmaking a bit.

Having family living in the Tulsa area made the move (after living ALL Gary's life in Texas) more palatable, and so here we are in the second major chapter of our lives and business.  


Come and see us at our new home & showroom, on 3.3 acres, in Oologah, Oklahoma, 15-20 minutes outside of Tulsa, or just drop us a note when you order online. Currently, we are setting up a retail showroom in the front of our home, but may be looking to expand into another building if necessary. (God will let us know when and if it's time for that again!)

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