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If you suffer with dry, cracking cuticles, this may be for you. Even my husband, Gary, uses my cuticle creams! (His favorite fragrance is Pink Sugar, that smells something like cotton candy.) This is our own special blend of oils, and we have many happy, repeat customers. The light, pasty cream comes in a small, plastic and metal containers which are purse or pocket-able, and last a fairly long time. We have a large variety of fragrances, so if you don't see the one you want, contact us for other possibilities!

Cuticle Cream

  • Our cuticle creams are also available without a fragrance. 

    These are available in a much larger variety of fragrances, as the drop down menu only allows for 10 choices. E-mail for a more complete list.

  • Special order fragrance choices are non-returnable. Whatever fragrance you choose, other than our 10 choices, is yours when you order it.
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